The overall objective of F.O.R.Z.A is to initiate the strategic digital transformation of youth work and raise awareness about the entrepreneurial potential of social media marketing as a new form of youth employment. The project was inspired by the needs of young people in a globalizing digital reality and the needs of youth workers in a form of digitalization and transnationality of youth work through the creation of free open digital educational resources.


The Strategic Partnership is created between organisations coming from Italy, Portugal, Spain and North Macedonia. The unique configuration of the Partners brings essential value and promotes cross-sectoral partnership on the European level. 

The challenges that this project addresses is transnational and EU collaboration will increase the impact on all levels.

The project focuses on the promotion of social entrepreneurship with a goal to foster the inclusion and employability of young people with fewer opportunities, with particular emphasis on young people at risk of marginalization like young people with a 

criminal background and young delinquents and those with a migrant background, including newly arrived immigrants and young refugees.

Social Media Marketing represents the core of the learning component, as it is a social innovation tool that is considered youth-friendly and allows the professional development of the project target group.

This project promotes the use of non-formal education and stimulates creativity among young people applying a holistic approach in the entrepreneurship education field, starting an initiative to change the paradigm in education contributing to the digital agenda of 

the EU. 

Since the project facilitates the access to education and training of a very specific target group that is often excluded and has limited access of high-quality education for free, this project follows the main narrative of the inclusion and diversity priority.