Spanish multiplier event

Multiplier Event

The Multiplier Event in Spain took place on 25 January 2024 in Granada. This event was attended by 60 young social educators and teachers. The event took place in the facilities of the vocational training Centre EFA in Chauchina. The participants mainly belonged to the target groups of the Forza project and came from Granada, Cordoba, Jaen and Malaga.

The event was attended by GrowthCoop speakers Javier Morales as European project coordinator and Emiliano Guiote as project technician responsible in our organisation for the coordination of the F.O.R.Z.A project. Both presented together the main results developed over 2 years in this project. In a practical and concrete way, the young people were shown how they can use and benefit from these products for their professional future. We made a special mention of how to use and access the online platform where all the products are hosted in Spanish.

At the end of our presentations on the project’s products, an interesting discussion was opened where the participants of this event asked numerous questions and made interesting personal contributions on how they could use these products.

We can say that most of them showed an enormous interest in all the presented products and expressed their intention to put them into practice in their future professional life.

From the social educators and teachers present at this event there were also some very complimentary interventions about the project and its approach as well as the many possibilities it offers to the young people.

To finish this meeting with young educators and teachers GrowthCoop offered an aperitif to all the assistants where we had the opportunity to talk individually with many of the assistants who expressed their gratitude for having worked in this interesting project and for having made this presentation with their participation.

In conclusion we can say that we have been very satisfied with the organisation and the results obtained with this multiplier event organized in Granada.

In addition, on 26 February 2024 we held a second online multiplier event in which more than 60 people participated, including young teachers and social educators, with the same structure and content of the event we have written about previously.

The result of this second online multiplier event was also highly satisfactory.