Macedonian Multiplier event

Multiplier Event

Volunteers Centre Skopje hosted a multiplier event on the 21st of February at Matica Gallery. The event aimed to provide an open space for attendees to learn more about the F.O.R.Z.A. project, promoting networking opportunities and sharing information about local opportunities in the city.

In the event took part over 50 participants: team members of Volunteers Centre Skopje, international and local volunteers, young people, students, and representatives of local NGOs interested in learning more about the F.O.R.Z.A project and exploring opportunities within the city.

The event started with a registration process, allowing attendees to sign in the participation list. The formal part began with a welcome speech. A presentation followed, covering the goals, project partners, and the results achieved by the F.O.R.Z.A project (“Youth workers guide for digital social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities”, “Guide for troubled youth” and e-learning platform). This segment provided attendees with insights into the project’s mission and
impact on the youth and youth workers.

After the presentations networking session started, providing a casual and relaxed environment for participants to connect, promoting a sense of community. The event concluded with a brief closing ceremony, expressing gratitude to the attendees andcontributors (e-learning platform testers, and translators).

Start Date: 21.02.2024, 18:00

End Date: 21.02.2024, 20:00

Number of people attended: 52

Location: Matica Gallery